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The Italian region of Emilia Romagna stands apart from all the others. In this central part of Italy, which borders with Tuscany and is just a short train journey from Venice, the bike is the most popular way to get around. The local people love their bicycles and likewise love tourists who take cycling holidays, welcoming them with kindness, fine cuisine and the world´s friendliest hotels. It is the land of famous figures, from Fellini to Pantani, as well as home to the Ferrari.

When you come to this region, you simply cannot help indulging in its delicious traditional cuisine and the excellent local wines.

Riccione is the ideal place for holidaymakers, whether you´re looking for a relaxing, easy-going break or a sporty activity holiday. Its position allows you to explore the surrounding hinterland both by bike and by car and visit local historical hilltop towns such as San Marino, Gradara  or Urbino, to name just a few.

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